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Below is our list of events, workshops and courses that are coming up:

Therapy Courses/Classes Held


Advanced Mediumship -9 month developmental course for those who have completed beginners development course. This course will be held once a month. 3rd Thursday

£180 Deposit £20 plus 9 x £20

20th Sept. 6.30pm - 9.30pm

Angel Card Reader Workshop. This workshop will allow you to learn how to undertake an Angel Card Reading. This one day comprehensive intuitive workshop will enable you to fully understand how to conduct a reading confidently.£6520th April 

10am - 4.30pm

Sripad bv Madhava Maharaj has travelled from India and will be conducting this unique evening of Kirtan. Enjoy the wisdom and knowledge that will be imparted him.
There will be pure vegetarian & vegan "prasad" served during the evening. 
Admission FREE25th April 6.30pm-10pm
Crystal Appreciation Course - 5 wks Accredited course spread over 10 weeks. Enjoy this fortnightly intuitive, practical course for understanding & using crystals.£225 £45/week30th April  6.15pm- 9.30pm
Sound Bath - Experience meditative process to allow the body's system to relax, deeply while being accompanied by the therapeutic sounds of Himalayan Singing Bowls, Gongs, Crystal Singing Bowls & therapeutic percussion such as chime & rainsticks.£123rd May 6.30pm-9pm
Psychic Development Course-8-week Beginners psychic developmental course. Deposit £12 with 8 x £12/week
£1088th May 7pm-9.15pm
USUI Reiki I, 2-Day Accredited Workshop - for beginners wishing to learn & work with Reiki.£1504th-5th May 9.45am-5.15pm

USUI Reiki III - Masters & Teachers 4-Day Accredited Workshop ran over 2 weekends.

£375 &

11-12th May & 8th-9th  June
USUI Reiki II, 2-Day Accredited Workshop- for those who have completed USUI Reiki Level 1.£1751st-2nd June 9.45am-5.15pm
GONG Bath Evening - - Experience a meditative process to allow the body's system to relax, re-balance, re-energize through sounds of the Chau, Sun & Wind Gongs with therapeutic percussion's : shakers, rattles, rainsticks.£1214th June


Pats Secret Garden Workshop Level 1- An invitation to discover your very own personal 'Inner Life-Scape'. Here's how: Draw any garden: fantasy, real, one you'd you've seen..any garden!. Interpreting your 'Garden' will amaze you - showing how you become who you are and how to reache who you were always meant to be, by exploring metaphors which symbolise your past, present and future as you see it right now. 
This fun - focused and simple creative approach is an amazingly accurate psychotherapeutic toll developed over 20 years by Linda Porter founder of internationally acclaimed 'HET: Holistic Educational Therapy' programme.

Pats Secret Garden Workshop Level 2- Follow up to Level 1 Workshop. Designing your own flowerbed to understand what your life experiences are communicating to you. Create communication bouquet & Intention/Attention Charm; understand emotional implications & take home Bach Flower Blend to support your progress.


July 6.30pm - 9.30pm

PSYCHIC FAIR Enjoy Angel, Tarot & Mediumship Readings; Palmistry, Sand Readings & Aura Photography. Join us for this great day.Readings £20 Auraphotography £25Admission £1July
Spiritual Gathering -Join us for another Monthly Evening of like minded people. At each gathering there will be talks & demo's on therapies & topics of spiritual interest. Enjoy hot or cold beverages & vegetarian nibbles whilst relaxing & gaining insight. Feed your curiosity.£5 All inclusive
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6.30pm - 9.30pm
Violet Flame 1 Day Workshop where you will work with the Violet Flame of Saint Germain & other Ascended Masters whom you will invoke through mantras, meditations and chanting positive affirmations.£65Jul 2019

Weekly & Monthly Classes / Meditations Held



USUI Reiki Share - an evening for all Reiki practitioners to practice & share with like minded people. This is an ideal opportunity to learn about distant healing & more.

Every 2nd Thurs. of month


Pearls of Wisdom – Ongoing meditation classes, techniques, creating altars and more.Every Tuesday 7pm-9pm£8
ReflexologyEvery Fri/Sat. By appt.
AcupunctureWednesdays By appt.
Angel /Tarot ReadingsTues/Thurs/Sat. By appt.
Mediumship/Spiritual ReadingsWed/Thurs/Sat. By appt.
Advanced Mediumship Group / Monthly CircleLast Thurs. of every month£15
Yoga Class TBCTBC

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