Welcoming Judy Hall - author of over 40 books including the million selling Crystal Bible Vol. 1,2 & 3. Judy has not been to Wolverhampton for over 30 years. Judy has recently been voted the 2014 Kindred Spirit MBS personality of the year. It is a privilege to welcome her to Equinox to do talks/workshops.

Judy has been a past life therapist and karmic astrologer for over 40 years. An internationally known author, psychic, healer, broadcaster and workshop leader, her books have been translated into fifteen languages. She recently appeared in the Watkins Review of the one hundred most spiritually influential authors.

Judy has offered a number of talks and workshops at our Therapy Centre since 2016.

Below are talks & workshops that have already been offered. If there are any that you are interested in please register your interest via email and WATCH this space for New/repeat workshops coming in 2018 :

Crystals & Astrology (23/9/16)

Almost everyone knows which star sign they were born under. And some people know their birthstone. But few people are aware that there is more than one stone associated with each zodiac sign - or that the history of birthstones goes back to the dawn of time. In this talk we will look at birthstones and how they help you to bring out the potential of your sun-sign. Cost: £15

Crystal Wisdom (24/9/16)

Crystals have been used for divination since ancient times. Their intrinsic energies can serve as mirrors to reveal your true path and link you to that part of yourself that is all-seeing and all-knowing. Created by bestselling crystals expert Judy Hall, The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle connects you to your higher, intuitive self, and, in the process, give you amazing insights into your past, present, and future. But that is not all. The beauty of these superbly illustrated crystal cards is that not only can you use them for divination, but they can also be laid on the body for healing. You have immediate access to the energy of 50 incredibly powerful crystals. In this highly practical, hands-on workshop you’ll learn to attune to the crystal oversouls who guide the process, explore the cards themselves and discover the secret of healing with the cards. A pack is included the price of the workshop so that you can take these amazing tools home with you.

Limited tickets available Cost £75. Take advantage of Early Bird £65 (By 31/8/16)

Communicating with a Crystal Skull (4/12/16)

Are you intrigued by the crystal skulls but don't know how to work with them - or even what they do? This is a very easy skill to learn so come along to this practical talk which will include hands-on work with small skulls to prove that size really doesn't matter - if you already have a skull please bring it along. FREE SKULL Included

Join Judy for an evening talk on 4th Dec 7pm. Limited tickets available. Cost £15.

Crystals & Star Beings (5/12/16)

Ever wondered where we really came from? The ancient Egyptians believed we came from the stars. We all have star material within us and of course some crystals do actually come from outer space but others have star connector markings on them. There are beautiful Star Being crystal heads that wish to communicate with us and share their wisdom. This is an opportunity to ask what they have to say to us about our origins, what they want to communicate to us, and to explore where humankind is heading. And, where necessary, to release from connections that are no longer appropriate for us and make new connections for our soul growth. Cost £75

Join us at Equinox for this unique one day workshop 5th Dec. 10-4.30pm. This is an opportuinity to learn from one of the most inspiring, influential spiritual authors of this day and age.

Limited tickets available. Cost £75. Take advantage of Early Bird Offer £65 for all fully paid booking by 31st Oct. We are unable to reserve spaces, so book early to avoid disappointment.

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