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Welcoming Linda Porter, a qualified teacher, with a specialism in special educational needs and behavioural support, with a second degree in psychology and humanities. She is also a qualified complementary therapist in 12 different therapies. Currently working from her home-based studio as an educational consultant,artist and author. She was previously employed as an advisor to Wolverhampton Local Education Authority for HET Holistic Educational Therapy. A system that she has devised, pioneered, implemented, researched and evaluated for the last 18 years. Flagged

as a model of excellence by the DfEE, the programme attracted national and international interest, won a national award for the inspiration and empowerment of young people and her work has been commended by Ofsted.

Linda has previously worked as a teacher, lecturer, author, advisor in quality assurance in Education. She ran her own healing, therapy and spiritual development Centre in Penn for 12 years – during this time she advised and established a quality assurance framework nationally for standards in complementary medicine.

Linda had devised and researched a healing system and psycho-therapeutic tool known
as Universal Frequency therapy. This is based around her other vision and passion of art and photography. She has held a number of interactive holistic exhibitions around her
Innovative approach to psychotherapy.

She is the author of numerous books, articles and publications and has made many TV and radio appearances including Kilroy, Friday night live, BBC and the Health channel.

Her unique work with children and families has seen her work with young honoured by being invited to become “ A Woman of Influence” by the NSPCC in 2005.

Having set up numerous Holistic Centres and Centres for children and young peopl around the country, she is now setting up creative collaborative communities as part
of the ‘Pat’s Garden’ concept. She is currently working alongside the NHS Trust in running a neuro-rehabilitation art and craft group.

The launch of her latest book ‘Pat’s Garden’ : Elevated Levels was recently reviewed in the September 2017 edition of Kindred Spirit.

Pat's Garden Level 1 Workshop 14/1/19


Here’s how: Draw any garden: fantasy, real, one you’d like…, one you’ve seen… any garden! Don’t worry about artistic skill,….. even a plan will do!. 

Interpreting your ‘Garden’ will amaze you - showing how you become who you are and how to reach who you were always meant to be, by exploring metaphors which  symbolise your past, present and future as you see it right now.

This fun – focused and simple creative approach is an amazingly accurate psycho-therapeutic tool developed over 20 years by Linda Porter, founder of the award winning and internationally acclaimed ‘HET: Holistic Educational Therapy’ programme.

Once you enter ‘Pat;’s Garden ©’ you are able to wander wherever you choose – Le your sub-conscious and super – conscious minds meet and guide you through a creative journey of conscious awareness. Like the seasons of the year, your inner landscape constantly changes.

Cost of attending Pat's Garden Level 1 Workshop £35

Linda has offered a number of talks and workshops around 

Pat's Garden at our Therapy Centre since 2018.

Below are Pat's Garden workshops available and that will be repeating 2019. Please register your interest via email.

Pat's Garden Level 2  Workshop 


This workshop is the next stage of Pat's Garden Elevated levels. This level 2 Workshop analysis encourages you to draw a more detailed life-scape with features, allowing you to communicate your life experiences upon which an analysis can be formed. 

The analysis would give rise to defining an intuitive Nutritional Profile, where

Personal natural remedy blends for emotional management and nutritional focus can be created specific to your needs. You will gain insight into the Stories for the Inner Child, an understanding of Past Life Influences and take away Personal Life-Scape Jewellery.

Cost of attending Pat's Garden Level 2 Workshop: £35. 

Pat's Garden Level 3 Workshop 


This workshop is the next stage of Pat's Garden Elevated levels. This level 3 Workshop looks at therapeutic oracle cards therapeutic pathways. You will look at Pathways

to reaching potential, overcoming barriers along the way. Learning to use and working with therapeutic Oracle Cards to provide you insight and guidance as you travel your journey.


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